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White Composite Fillings Specialist

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Kids with cavities no longer have to have a mouth full of metal fillings. Caring and expert dentists Nathalie Phaeton, DDS, and Ki Youn Kil, DDS, restore your child’s teeth with white, natural-looking composite fillings at Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics in Falls Church, Virginia. White composite fillings are safer and more attractive than metal fillings. If your child has a cavity, chip, or cracked tooth, contact Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics by calling during office hours or using the online form at your convenience.

White Composite Fillings Q & A

What are white composite fillings?

White composite fillings are bonding materials made of resins that a dentist uses to fill cavities and cracks in your child’s teeth. The dentist matches the composite fillings to the natural color of your child’s tooth so that the bonds and fillings are nearly invisible.

When does my child need white composite fillings?

Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics dentists may recommend white fillings to fix functional and cosmetic dental problems. The dentist might use fillings to:

  • Fill the hole after cavity repair
  • Repair cracks or fissures
  • Reconstruct a chipped tooth
  • Build up a worn-down tooth

If your child grinds their teeth while sleeping, your dentist gives them a night guard to wear at night to protect their fillings and their teeth.

What happens during a white composite filling appointment?

If your child has a cavity, their dentist first drills into the tooth and removes all of the infected material. They then clean and sterilize the tooth. After they dry the tooth, they fill it with a white composite to keep the tooth strong and safe from bacteria.

If your child has cracks or a chipped tooth, they mold and shape the resin to correct the defect. Next, they sand and smooth the filling so that the bonding material is barely visible. 

After the filling is in place, your dentist cures it with a special light. The curing process makes the filling strong and durable.

If your child is nervous about receiving a white composite filling, nitrous oxide is available to help them remain calm and relaxed.

What are the advantages of white composite fillings?

White composite fillings bond more securely with the teeth, for more complete protection. Also, white composite fillings don’t contain mercury as amalgam metal fillings do. They also look more natural and attractive than other fillings.

How long do white composite fillings last?

White composite fillings last for about five years. The fillings may last longer if your child has good oral health habits, doesn’t bite pencils, fingernails, or other hard objects, and wears a night guard if they grind their teeth while sleeping.

Are white composite fillings the best filling?

The ideal filling is no filling at all. Help your child practice good oral health habits so that they never develop cavities. Also ask your dentist about anti-cavity treatments, including fluoride to strengthen teeth and sealants to protect them from acids and bacteria. 

If your child needs white composite fillings to repair cavities, defects, or damage, contact Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics by phone or online form.