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Even kids with excellent oral health habits sometimes wind up with a cavity or two. Give your child an extra layer of protection with sealants from Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics in Falls Church, Virginia. Nathalie Phaeton, DDS, and Ki Youn Kil, DDS, are expert and friendly dentists who recommend sealants to protect children’s baby and permanent teeth from decay. To set up an appointment for sealants, call Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics, or book your consultation online.

Sealants Q & A

What are sealants?

A sealant is a protective coating that your dentist applies to the chewing surfaces of your child’s molars. Four out of five cavities in children develop in their molars. By giving your child sealants, you reduce their risk of getting cavities and fillings.

How do sealants work?

Molars have a craggy surface that can be difficult to clean, especially for children who are first learning to brush their teeth. The sealants adhere to the chewing surface so that food particles don’t get caught in the crevices of the chewing area. The sealants also seal out the bacteria that cause cavities and protect the teeth from acids.

How effective are teeth sealants?

Sealants reduce the risk of cavities and decay by almost 80% in molars. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) determined that children who don’t get sealants have almost three times the number of cavities than kids who do get sealants.

Are sealants safe for my child’s teeth?

Sealants are made of plastics and dental materials and are safe for your children. Although sealants have a small amount of BPA, breathing air exposes you and your kids to 100 times more BPA than sealants. Rarely, children with allergies may have a reaction to sealants.

When should my child get sealants?

To protect your child’s teeth, the expert dentists at Oasis Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics recommend sealing molars as soon as they erupt. Children’s baby molars usually erupt by six years of age. Their permanent molars usually come in by age 12.

What happens when my child gets sealants?

Your child’s dentist first cleans and dries the teeth receiving sealants. Next, they apply an acid to the tooth that roughens the chewing surface so the sealant can bond more securely. After a few seconds, they rinse off the acid, dry the tooth, and then paint on the sealant.

The dentist hardens sealants with a special blue light. The entire process is quick and pain-free. 

How long do sealants last?

Sealants usually last for several years. When your child comes in for a bi-annual check-up, your dentist checks to see how much sealant is still on their teeth and reapplies more when necessary.